Does the fingerprint lock manufacturer tell you that the more functions the better?

Nowadays, many fingerprint lock manufacturers have added more functions to the design of fingerprint locks. Which of these functions are the more the better?

The answer is no. At present, many merchants in the market have been emphasizing their powerful functions, making consumers think that the smart lock with more functions is better. In fact, it is not. The quality of a smart lock depends on the user’s actual experience and satisfaction with the lock. There are also some products that are rich in appearance and failure, with many functions, many product failures, and the performance is not stable enough. Even if they make huge profits now, they will eventually be eliminated by the market!

The same is true for smart door locks, a product, especially a smart one. Many consumers are more concerned about quality and price. People have a kind of inertia. After experiencing the sweetness, they are not willing to suffer. After experiencing the benefits of smart locks in life, would they still choose to use dull mechanical locks? ? Convenience, efficiency, and practicality are easier for people to accept, and once accepted, it is easy to form dependence.

At this stage, the competition in the fingerprint lock market is more focused on price competition. Many fingerprint door lock manufacturers have not realized the importance of after-sales service, and have not seen consumers’ desire for after-sales service. When you want to open up the market, first let consumers experience the functions and functions of the product, etc., so that they can feel the value and whether it is worth buying.

If we must say that the significance of smart locks to smart doors is no less than that of Apple 4 to the smartphone market, imagine that if humans invent smart doors in the future, I believe that smart locks will receive more and more attention in the door market. Imagine when we buy a mobile phone, will we choose a large and comprehensive mobile phone, or a smart phone with exquisite functions?

After reading the above content, I believe everyone already knows that the more fingerprint lock functions, the better.

Post time: Mar-02-2023