How should smart fingerprint locks be maintained?

Smart fingerprint lock can be said to be the entry-level product of smart home in the new era. More and more families have begun to replace the mechanical locks in their homes with smart fingerprint locks. The price of smart fingerprint locks is not low, and more attention should be paid to maintenance in daily use, so how should smart fingerprint locks be maintained?

1. Do not disassemble without permission

Compared with traditional mechanical locks, smart fingerprint locks are much more complicated. In addition to the more delicate shell, the electronic components such as circuit boards inside are also very sophisticated, almost at the same level as the mobile phone in your hand. And responsible manufacturers will also have specialized personnel to be responsible for installation and maintenance. Therefore, do not disassemble the smart fingerprint lock privately, and contact the customer service of the manufacturer if there is a fault.

2. Don’t slam the door hard

Many people are used to slamming the door on the door frame when they leave the house, and the “bang” sound is very refreshing. Although the lock body of the smart fingerprint lock has a windproof and shockproof design, the circuit board inside cannot withstand such torture, and it will easily lead to some contact problems over time. The correct way is to rotate the handle, let the deadbolt shrink into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Closing the door with a bang may not only damage the smart fingerprint lock, but also cause the lock to fail, causing greater security problems.

3. Pay attention to the cleaning of the identification module

Whether it is fingerprint recognition or password input panel, it is a place that needs to be touched frequently with hands. The oil secreted by the sweat glands on the hands will accelerate the aging of the fingerprint identification and input panel, resulting in identification failure or insensitive input.

The password key area should also be wiped from time to time to ensure that the password is not leaked

Therefore, the fingerprint identification window should be wiped gently with a dry soft cloth, and cannot be cleaned with hard things (such as a pot ball). The password input window also needs to be wiped with a clean soft cloth, otherwise it will leave scratches and affect the input sensitivity.

4. Do not lubricate the mechanical keyhole with lubricating oil

Most of the smart fingerprint locks have mechanical lock holes, and the maintenance of mechanical locks has been a long-standing problem. Many people routinely think that the lubrication of the mechanical part is of course handed over to the lubricating oil. Actually wrong.

Post time: Jun-02-2023