How to maintain the smart lock?

In recent years, smart home products have become popular. For the sake of safety and convenience, many families have chosen to install smart locks. There is no doubt that smart locks have quite prominent advantages over traditional mechanical locks, such as fast unlocking, easy use, no need to bring keys, built-in alarms, remote functions, etc. Although the smart lock is very good, as a smart product, it cannot be left alone after installation, and the smart lock also needs “maintenance”.

1. Appearance maintenance

The appearance of the smart lock body is mostly metal, such as the zinc alloy of the Deschmann smart lock. Although the metal panels are very strong and strong, no matter how hard the steel is, it is also afraid of corrosion. In daily use, please do not contact the surface of the lock body with corrosive substances, including acidic substances, etc., and avoid using corrosive cleaning agents when cleaning. , so as not to damage the appearance protection layer of the lock body. In addition, it must not be cleaned with a steel wire cleaning ball, otherwise it may cause scratches on the surface coating and affect the appearance.

2. Fingerprint Head Maintenance

When using a fingerprint recognition smart lock, the long-used fingerprint collection sensor is likely to be stained with dirt, resulting in insensitive recognition. If the fingerprint reading is slow, you can gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth, and be careful not to scratch the fingerprint sensor to avoid affecting the sensitivity of fingerprint recording. At the same time, you should also try to avoid using dirty hands or wet Hand for fingerprint unlocking.

3. Battery circuit maintenance

Nowadays, the battery life of smart locks is very long, ranging from two to three months to as long as half a year. Smart locks like the Deschmann series can even last for one year. But don’t think that everything will be fine with a long battery life, and the battery also needs to be checked regularly. This is to prevent the battery electro-hydraulic from invading the fingerprint lock circuit board. If you go out for a long time or during the rainy season, you must remember to replace the battery with a new one!

4. Lock cylinder maintenance

In order to prevent power failure or other emergencies that cannot be opened, the smart lock will be equipped with an emergency mechanical lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is the core component of the smart lock, but if it has not been used for a long time, the mechanical key may not be inserted smoothly. At this time, you can put a little graphite powder or pencil powder in the groove of the lock cylinder, but be careful not to use engine oil or any oil as a lubricant, because the grease will stick to the pin spring, making the lock even harder to open.

Post time: Nov-15-2022