Is the fingerprint lock good? How to choose the fingerprint lock?

Fingerprint locks have been gradually used by people, such as traditional door locks, fingerprint locks are safer and more convenient, but whether fingerprint locks are good or not, and how to choose fingerprint locks, let me tell you below. Is the fingerprint lock good? The fingerprint lock uses finger fingerprints instead of keys to open the door lock. Fingerprints refer to the uneven lines on the skin on the front of the fingers. Although fingerprints are only a small part of human skin, they contain a lot of information. These lines are different in patterns, breakpoints and intersections, forming a unique The advantage of being unique and not easy to be copied makes the home safer and the user more worry-free.
Fingerprint lock is a safety lock product produced through the precise combination of electronic components and mechanical hardware technology. Its essence is nothing more than three aspects of safety, convenience, and fashion. The rejection rate and false recognition rate are undoubtedly one of the important indicators. If you want to say whether it is safe or not, it must be much better than ordinary locks, and it also brings us a lot of convenience in work and life. There are a variety of opening authentication methods such as fingerprints, passwords, cards and remote controls, which can take care of the use of family members. For smart locks with high cost performance, good security and multiple functions, they can meet the various needs of consumers and customers.
The key to choosing a fingerprint lock First of all, as a household fingerprint combination lock, it should not only protect family property, but also give people a sense of security. At this time, the material is very important. The fingerprint lock with excellent performance combines modern mechanical technology. With the leading biometric technology, it has anti-theft, explosion-proof, waterproof and other designs, and it is made of stainless steel, which can achieve higher security protection.
Secondly, choosing a big brand is already a very common part of our shopping habits. Generally, when comparing two items, if the price difference is almost the same, most people will choose a big brand product, and the door lock is the same. And many people may not know that fingerprint collection is also divided into biological fingerprint collection and optical fingerprint collection. Compared with other systems, biological fingerprint collection has the characteristics of strong antistatic ability, good system stability, and long service life. It can also provide high-resolution High-resolution images to achieve larger area fingerprint image collection, so general biometric fingerprint devices are very quick to pass through, while optical ones may need to be pointed and clicked to unlock. Finally, fingerprint combination locks generally use dry batteries as the power supply. If there is no power, they cannot be opened by fingerprints. Choosing a good smart door lock is equivalent to hiring a reliable door god, which can not only make you feel at ease when you leave home , more intimate when you go home.

Post time: Feb-06-2023