The password fingerprint lock can set the way of password unlocking

If there is no need for a mechanical key to open and close the door for a long time, the lock cylinder and key may not be inserted as desired. At this time, a small amount of graphite powder or signature pen powder can be poured into the groove of the anti-theft lock cylinder to ensure that the key can be unlocked normally. Do not add any other grease as lubricant! Because it is easy to stick to its internal mechanical parts, especially in winter, the lock cylinder cannot rotate or open!

Choose a different smart fingerprint lock, and use an anti-theft fingerprint lock at home, so the requirements for the door are relatively low, no need to change, and the after-sales service is convenient. Project fingerprint locks are generally purchased in large quantities, and may require the door manufacturer to provide a matching door that meets the product installation position. Therefore, there is no problem of changing. Just the subsequent maintenance or replacement of the general anti-theft device will be inconvenient, and there may be problems that do not match the new lock.

The general way to distinguish smart fingerprint locks is engineering fingerprint locks or home-installed fingerprint locks. It is to check whether the length and width of the rectangular lock core (guide plate) under the door cabinet bolts are 24X240Mm (key specifications), some It is 24X260Mm, 24X280Mm, 30X240Mm, and the distance from the center of the handle to the edge of the door is generally about 60mm. To put it simply, the general protective door can be installed directly without moving holes, and has the function of Qiankun lever, and the accuracy rate of smart fingerprint lock components is very high.

1. The door lock is the key to ensure the safety of the door;

2. The high incidence of theft when unattended indicates that the key to the problem is that the owner cannot control the family situation anytime and anywhere;

3. The owner cannot control or control the development of the situation to ensure the safety of the family.

Such a smart door lock, what if the “key” is lost? Traditional door locks have only one option, which is to change the lock in time. The password fingerprint lock only needs to delete the fingerprint or password through the set number on the door lock. From these functions, it can be concluded that the core selling point of the password fingerprint lock is not intelligence, but intelligence based on security requirements. In this way, the connection between the user and the family is closer, and the control of the safety of the family is realized. When these needs of users are satisfied, there will be no market for password fingerprint locks.

Most of the users of password fingerprint locks on the market are renters, and password fingerprint locks can save landlords a lot of trouble.

The password fingerprint lock can set the way of password unlocking, and the valid time of the password is precise. For example, for short-term rental houses, you can set a password through your mobile phone and share it with tenants. The password will take effect on the day of self-rental, and will automatically become invalid on the day of check-out. That way, when the lease expires, the old password can no longer open the door.

Post time: May-06-2023