What basic functions must hotel locks | smart door locks | sauna locks have?

The basic functions of hotel locks|smart door locks|sauna locks themselves mainly include the safety, stability, overall service life, hotel management functions and other aspects of the door lock.

1. Stability: the stability of the mechanical structure, especially the mechanical structure of the lock cylinder and the clutch structure; the stability of the working state of the motor, mainly to examine whether a special motor for door locks is used; the stability and anti-interference of the circuit part, Mainly investigate whether there is a protection circuit design.

2. Safety: Users should examine the structural design of the hotel lock. Because the door lock is not safe, the design of its mechanical structure plays a very critical role, especially the lock cylinder technology and clutch motor technology. .

3. Overall service life: The service life design of hotel smart door locks is a necessary condition for the hotel to pursue long-term economic benefits. The door locks installed in some hotels have a large area of ​​discoloration or rust spots on the surface after being used for less than a year. This kind of “self-destructing image” door locks has seriously affected the overall image of the hotel and often caused great damage to the hotel. The post-maintenance cost will reduce the operation efficiency of the hotel, and will cause huge direct economic losses to the hotel in serious cases. Therefore, it is extremely important for users to choose a hotel electronic lock with a long overall service life.

4. Hotel management function: For the hotel, the room management must conform to the standard management of the hotel. The management function of the door lock should not only facilitate the guests, but also improve the overall management level of the hotel. Therefore, electronic door locks should have the following perfect hotel management functions:

·It has a hierarchical management function. After setting the door lock, the door opening cards of different levels will take effect automatically;

·There is a time limit function for the door lock card;

It has a powerful and complete door opening record function; it has a mechanical key unlock record function;

The software system runs stably and reliably, with large data capacity and low maintenance cost, which can well solve the technical interface problems of the “one-card” system;

There is a mechanical key emergency unlocking function; there is an emergency emergency card escape setting function;

There is an anti-insertion automatic alarm function;

·It has the function of setting normally open and normally closed to facilitate conference affairs.

Post time: Feb-17-2022