Why do you have to replace ordinary anti-theft locks?

In terms of safety, ordinary anti-theft lock cylinders are really difficult to resist thieves with “increasingly sophisticated” technology. CCTV has repeatedly exposed that most anti-theft locks on the market can be opened in tens of seconds without leaving any traces. To a certain extent, smart locks are much harder to break than anti-theft locks.

In terms of functionality, the current anti-theft lock is a locking function, but we can actually find more uses from the door lock. For example, back up a cloud virtual key that only you can extract for the door lock, check whether the elderly and children at home have returned home safely after going out, and alarm when the door is abnormal.

In terms of convenience, almost all young people can go out without having to carry a wallet. Bringing a smartphone is a wallet. Similarly, since you have to bring a mobile phone, and you can use the mobile phone to switch the lock, why do you need to bring more at home? As for the key, sometimes it is really anxious to find or lose the key when you go out in a hurry. Now that you are the key, or your phone is the key, isn’t it easier to go out?

After all, smart locks are not yet a fully popular technology product. What should we pay attention to in the process of purchasing and selecting?

1. Pay equal attention to appearance and function. Smart locks are durable household goods and are used on all kinds of doors. So the first principle of smart lock design is two words: simplicity. Many smart locks are designed to be very large, and the product is very luxurious, but once installed, it is often very abrupt, and it especially attracts the attention of people with “unpredictable”.

2. Biometric technologies such as fingerprint smart locks need to be used safely. Because, the technology of replicating biometrics such as fingerprints is getting easier and simpler. That is to say, tangible encryption and decryption technology urgently needs the support of new technology, otherwise, its security is not necessarily reliable.

3. The mechanical lock cylinder needs to pay attention to the material, structure and precision. If the selected smart lock product has a mechanical lock cylinder, the anti-theft performance of the mechanical lock core depends on three aspects: one is the material of the lock nail, the tougher the material, the better; the other is the structure of the lock core, each structure is different With its advantages and disadvantages, the combination of several different structures is far better than a single structure; the third is the precision of processing, the higher the precision, the better the performance.

4. The degree of intelligence. What a smart lock body can achieve is a switch lock. If it can be connected to a smart mobile device, more functions can be achieved. It not only realizes the requirement of unlocking, but also grasps the security situation of the door more comprehensively and intuitively.

5. After-sales service technology. If it is a domestic smart lock, it can get a relatively fast after-sales response, but the general smart lock installation needs to make an appointment for a professional to come to the door. Maybe some friends in third- and fourth-tier cities are not included in this door-to-door installation service. Find out in advance. The professional skills of the after-sales customer service personnel and the speed of feedback on problems need to be considered.

Post time: Aug-17-2022